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August 2015, downsized website.

Hey All,   A few new revisions to the website… Same great art, just less of it. I have a few canvas listed here, reasonably priced. Contact me with questions.   I still do pet portraits. Inquire here.      

HOT, Sizzling Summer Deal

Two Drafts Please! by Colorado artist, Dee Wright Wimmer This original acrylic painting is LARGE and colorful. Will give any space that playful atmosphere.  Take it home today! Price $1500.00 

Welcome 2013

This past year my blogging on this site was way down. Life was too busy. Well 2013 Life will be busy again but my 2013 resolution is to burn the midnight oil and BLOG BLOG BLOG. I have posted three new paintings today and pledge to have more. My focus is to give a percentage of each painting… read more

Portraits of your Equine or your favorite Pet

Portraits of your favorite equines for Christmas. Get your orders in now and have a portrait to give for Christmas. All I need is a clear snapshot of your favorite horse.  Contact me for more info….  Very reasonably priced.  16 x 20 stretched canvas…. $300.00 Framed—add cost of frame. Bring your orders… Only so many days left until Christmas.… read more

Spring is for Painting

Hello Spring….. Goodbye SNOW. As I take off my coat and uncover my skin I take out the darkness in my painting. Out come the tubes of bright color to jazz the canvas up. I put the the mars black in the bottom drawer as I notice the tips of the daffodils break though the soil.  Yeah Spring. The horses are frisky and… read more

Number Two in Americana Series

The Americana series has a new painting entitled, “Bulldogging… It Ain’t For Sissies!”  This canvas is number two.   Bulldogging… It Ain’t for Sissies! by Dee Wright Wimmer   The yellow background color is playful yet the action is serious to a cowboy because this is a timed event in RODEO to qualify for the Purse.  … read more

Thank you ART lovers

As Christmas approaches, my good feeling and tidings of joy mindset gets the better of me. I want to take this moment to thank all ART lovers out there. Thank you for loving ART. Thank you for buying ART. It is because of your diversity and acceptance of all “creative geeks,” that we can grace this world with our gift of… read more

Art for Horses!

Cowboys at Sunset (36×24)  by Colorado artist,  Dee Wright Wimmer Cowboys at Sunset is an original painting by Colorado artist, Dee Wright Wimmer  availabe as giclees exclusively here at http://deewrightart.com. This image is printed with high quality ink and is printed on top-notch canvas. It is wrapped on canvas bars and blacked on all four sides. To… read more

New Artwork uploaded

 FINALLY!  The first painting belongs to my Americana series I mentioned last blog. This painting is called The Team and is number one.   The Team by Colorado artist Dee Wright Wimmer   I give Thanks to you, my fans and appreciate the continual support…..Dee 

Americana Series

  Catchin’ the Bronc by Colorado artist Dee Wright Wimmer   Summer is officially here when the 4th of July rolls around.  Rodeos, art fairs, craft festivals and outdoor concerts are in full swing to round out the hot summer days. My Americana series will have paintings to represent what being an American means to me. Of… read more